It's more easy to understand compared to a lot of other art out there.

I enjoy the photorealism genre overall, but the thing I like the most about what James is doing is the modernizing of older classical motives that puts a light on the current issues of our times through Post Internet art.

It's more easy to understand compared to a lot of other art out there.

I would recommend James's work! It's different from other pieces out there in a way where you won't find this specific combination of message, provocation and thought in a piece of art that at the same time is quite easy to understand.

Daniel Morgansson Lawyer, Tieto, Stockholm, Sweden

I love how James always has an interesting way of presenting what's in his mind.

The explosive graphic is as ironic and significant as the objects that he put together. It lightens up the issue and make the viewer think.

James' art is about real people with a real goal to fight, for which I believe it's the meaning of life. To change and to improve the world is what we’re here for.

To own art is to share the same believe as the artist. For sure I would recommend friends who are also a revolutionist to own a piece of art of James.

Stay calm and keep rebelling.

Robyn Hung Director and Founder of Robyn, Shanghai, China

I'd highly recommend it to others, particularly those who are interested in art that is truly modern, and reflects deep thought on a subject.

I love the way different motifs are combined to create a single yet multi-layered piece of art

James' painting style is unique and always captures my attention. He captures the realism of the subject, but in a way where you can appreciate it as a painting. I really enjoy his use of color - it really makes the pieces pop off the canvas. He's always willing to try new projects and innovate, which is very hard to do.

I'd highly recommend it to others, particularly those who are interested in art that is truly modern, and reflects deep thought on a subject.

Keep at it mate!

Vasco Pereira Strategic Finance Manager, AppDirect, San Francisco, United States

This represents the antithesis of feminism along side the alignment of feminist protagonists that is powerful.

'Vagina Versus Trump' introduced to more concepts in political pop art collage, specifically the cultural focus for those in England as opposed to America.

I loved the use of political and pop art imagery combined to portray the artist's intended message. The use of images that represent the antithesis of feminism along side the alignment of feminist protagonists that is powerful.

To me, it represented an internal struggle that women face in representing strong perspectives and society's expectations that are super-imposed upon them. The use of imagery that contains slogans is also powerful for the overall impact of the image.

It provides a snapshot into a moment in history, it represents a strong feminist statement that is often missing in modern art and it uses graphic imagery in a way that gives the piece a kitch-y feel while commenting on modern messages.

I am a new fan of James Jarvis and look forward to displaying his work in the offices of the Inanna Project, a non-profit organization that works for the true economic, legal and social equality for women.

Amee Vanderpool Executive Director of The Inanna Project, Washington DC, United States

From the first time I saw the painting until now, I still keep finding details.

It seems to have a collage of real prints in the wall with the knowledge of having a real painting. You cannot see the difference, but ones you get closer you can discover a full rage of details.

The result is an interesting portrait of the world today. Countdown to phallus Decay, is a beautiful, but interesting example of its kind. The painting is talking about a period of time, especially as this one is remembering the big egos that are currently leading this world.

As a Mexican and Latin American citizen, I feel very attached to this one. The way of working realism as a collage, makes it very unique. "It really looks like a photograph."

I have seen other paintings, and series, and I can say James is quite an expert in realism. Combined with such an interesting topics, makes you thinking about buying a good piece of art like this in your wall.

Victor Gaspar Chavez Alantara Architect, Mexico City, Mexico

Women equality and rights are among the main subjects effecting us today.

'Vagina Versus Trump' is a piece of art that is a combination of elements that well represent multiple events that took place in the US as part of the 2016 presidential elections campaign

Women equality and rights were among the the main subjects in discussion during the US 2016 presidential campaign and I can see this subject represented in the artwork

The artwork's message stays overtime and therefore will always remind us about how complicated and challenging a time its s for human relations in the US and the world.

Silvana Navarro Multilingual Senior Auditor at EY NL, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I always enjoy so much of James's work because he continues to give us art that make me smile.

Sometimes it's a simple object sometimes it's a spirit of a moment or of a person, James always catches it and delivered it beautifully and loudly, as if to remind you "Hey, wake up buddy, happily live the moment alright!".

I love 'Just For Laughs' because it captures a sense of real time world urgency in a humorous way. The apocalypse of nuclear war, for many, means a universal destruction. But not able to find laughter in life is already a universal destruction.

This painting feels like a part of the history, I know I am still happily alive and finally I understand timeless equals priceless.

Danny Yeh General Manger of Bernini Group, Shanghai, China

I love how the art connects current daily subjects into a single visualization.

With each artwork having a clear statement and opinion.

But most importantly, James’ collection makes heavy subjects understandable and somehow easier to digest, within this fake news era.

Just looking at his artworks makes you want to own your own piece.

Nikkie van Schijndel General Manager at Netraco, Shanghai, China

James' view of the world is inspiring and contemplative.

His work is always powerful, fun, engaging, and most importantly sparks conversation about topics are very much relevant to the spirit of the times.

The compositions are absolutely stunning!

David Chou Creative Director at Borbón Skincare, Los Angeles, United States