Saatchi Art is one of the biggest online marketplaces you can buy art today.

But what if you never brought art online? Is there any reason to be scared?

Since I run I website about buying art online I decided it was good for me to put my money where my mouth is...

...and here's how it went.


  • Very smooth and well designed website to find what you are looking for.
  • Fast delivery and good packaging.
  • Excellent quality limited edition prints.

I couldn't have been any more impressed with my first experience buying prints from Saatchi art.

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search on saatchi art

A quick review of the Saatchi Art website itself - or you can skip this part and jump right to the buying part for photos and a review of the prints we bought from Saatchi Art.

Starting off with an artist profile page ...

The site's really well designed with a clean layout and structure that makes searching for art an enjoyable experience.

A great feature for both collectors and artists is the ability to 'follow' each other like you can on Twitter or Facebook. This could be a bit of a game changer in directly connecting artists with the people who love their work.

When you follow an artist their new work gets posted to your activity feed so can be the first to know when something becomes available.

You can also collect individual 'favourite' works and create collections of grouped together favourites.

Another handy feature is the 'You might like' collection of similar artworks to the artist you're viewing.


There's a myriad of search standards to tighten your outcomes with alternatives varying from cost, dimension as well as tool to design as well as area.

The website's actually well considered, like they're constantly seeking methods to enhance the individual experience.

My one objection is it could be a little slow-moving sometimes so with any luck they could deal with that behind the scenes to speed up points up a little bit.


Sangjun Roh on Saatchi Art

A friend and I grouped together to buy two lunar themed Sangjun Roh prints from

I'm a big fan of Sangjun's work and thought the large 46cm x 61cm (18 ″ x 24 ″) prints were really good value at $90.

The checkout process was super easy - just fill out your address and payment details before reviewing the order.

Postage for the two prints came to $12.08 plus a further $2.42 for customs & clearance charges.

The customs charge comes with a guarantee that you won't be hit with any further charges.

When buying similarly priced prints from the US before, reassuring to hear after being hit with a large customs bill.

All in the total for the two prints was $194.50 or ₤115.80 with current conversion rates - ₤58 each delivered.


My good friend made the order on a UK national holiday Monday so we assumed it would certainly take a number of weeks to get the prints from throughout the United States.

The following day my pal obtained a phone call from Saatchi upgrading her on the order, asking if she had any kind of concerns and also allowing her understand it ought to be with her by Friday if all worked out.

My good friend was truly amazed with exactly how expert as well as practical they were as well as I was excited at just how promptly I was obtaining my prints!


Packaging Saatchi art

As you can see the prints came in an indestructibly solid cardboard tube and were protected further in individual plastic wallets.

I was a bit concerned at first that the colours didn't look as vivid as they did on the website but as soon as the protective sheets came off they looked fantastic and every bit as vibrant as they did on the website.

The photo prints were colourful and sharp and the paper had a good weight and finish.

Two happy customers!

Saatchi Art also have a 7 day return guarantee where you can return any art you're not happy with.


If only all online shopping experiences went as smoothly as this.

Saatchi Art just gets it.

When you can't see the actual work in person beforehand, they understand that buying art through a website can feel quite a risky business.

They've made the whole process as painless as possible, reassured us with a personal call and delivered a quality product that exceeded our expectations.

Our first time buying prints from Saatchi Art certainly won't be the last time.

I've no hesitation in recommending - and Sangjun Roh too!

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