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From the first time I saw the painting until now, I still keep finding details.

It seems to have a collage of real prints in the wall with the knowledge of having a real painting. You cannot see the difference, but ones you get closer you can discover a full rage of details.

The result is an interesting portrait of the world today. Countdown to phallus Decay, is a beautiful, but interesting example of its kind. The painting is talking about a period of time, especially as this one is remembering the big egos that are currently leading this world.

As a Mexican and Latin American citizen, I feel very attached to this one. The way of working realism as a collage, makes it very unique. "It really looks like a photograph."

I have seen other paintings, and series, and I can say James is quite an expert in realism. Combined with such an interesting topics, makes you thinking about buying a good piece of art like this in your wall.

Victor Gaspar Chavez Alantara Architect, Mexico City, Mexico