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  • Why art collectors that invests in failed art movements who suffer the most.
  • How to correctly predict the market direction of Post Internet art?
  • The understanding of sequence. Why sequence is critical to how art movements develop.
  • Why Post Internet at is now in the "Trough of Disillusionment". 
  • How art collectors can take advantage of these insights and to enter this space
  • Have you ever seen art that fails to deal with the moment we live in?

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I love how James always has an interesting way of presenting what's in his mind.

The explosive graphic is as ironic and significant as the objects that he put together. It lightens up the issue and make the viewer think.

James' art is about real people with a real goal to fight, for which I believe it's the meaning of life. To change and to improve the world is what we’re here for.

To own art is to share the same believe as the artist. For sure I would recommend friends who are also a revolutionist to own a piece of art of James.

Stay calm and keep rebelling.

Robyn Hung Director and Founder of Robyn, Shanghai, China