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Here's what makes this real-time original painting unique:

  • How everyone knows that Donald Trump is sexist and yet voters seemingly chose not to give a damn.
  • Exclusive original artwork that is only available for high-end art buyers.
  • Oil on canvas in trademark Pixelrealism style that was made in real-time.
  • Certificate of authenticity is included to give art collectors legal assurance.
  • #1 Big Bonus: Lifetime Pixel Membership worth £169 (premium version)
  • #2: Artist proof worth £160 (premium)
  • #3: Special perspex frame worth £110 (premium)
  • #4: One year art insurance £75 (premium)
Vagina Versus Trump

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This represents the antithesis of feminism along side the alignment of feminist protagonists that is powerful.

'Vagina Versus Trump' introduced to more concepts in political pop art collage, specifically the cultural focus for those in England as opposed to America.

I loved the use of political and pop art imagery combined to portray the artist's intended message. The use of images that represent the antithesis of feminism along side the alignment of feminist protagonists that is powerful.

To me, it represented an internal struggle that women face in representing strong perspectives and society's expectations that are super-imposed upon them. The use of imagery that contains slogans is also powerful for the overall impact of the image.

It provides a snapshot into a moment in history, it represents a strong feminist statement that is often missing in modern art and it uses graphic imagery in a way that gives the piece a kitch-y feel while commenting on modern messages.

I am a new fan of James Jarvis and look forward to displaying his work in the offices of the Inanna Project, a non-profit organization that works for the true economic, legal and social equality for women.

Amee Vanderpool Executive Director of The Inanna Project, Washington DC, United States