Farage's Angels Priority Waiting List

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(People on this list will get the chance to buy Just For Laughs Original Painting before anyone else.)

Here's what makes this real-time original painting unique:

  • How Brexit showcases the strength of control that women politicians have over their male counterparts.
  • Exclusive original artwork that is only available for high-end art buyers.
  • Oil on canvas in trademark Pixelrealism style that was made in real-time.
  • Certificate of authenticity is included to give art collectors legal assurance.
  • #1 Big Bonus: Lifetime Pixel Membership worth £169 (premium version).
  • #2: Artist proof worth £160 (premium).
  • #3: Special perspex frame worth £110 (premium).
  • #4: One year art insurance worth £75 (premium).
'Farage's Angels' by James Jarvis

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