Art has to deal with the moment we live in.

Pixelrealism is that moment.


While post Internet artists continue to use the internet as their default medium my unique interpretation of this movement is that it should eventually be prescribed to ALL types of art developed in the modern climate that we are living in.

The title I have coined for this approach to post Internet art making is Pixelrealism:

Heir apparent to the Photorealism movement of the 1960s that replaces photography, as a reference point, with pixelated aesthetics of the Internet.

A realist approach to Post Internet art, Pixelrealism will transfer the aesthetics found in digital based art in to new modes of thinking and development within traditional mediums of painting, drawing and sculpture.

Innovation will happen when taking the internet to the canvas, the paper, and the stone in the same way that the Internet has already dominated our human physical reality.

Pixelrealism is also the adaptation that the art market desperately needs to move forward and avoid stagnation.

Collectors find new confidence with a medium they understand and with artistic ideas that is gradually gaining a foothold in the gallery scene and will surely spread to the selling inducing fairs of Frieze and Art Basel.


Frustrated with the failure of traditional art mediums to adequately reflect the nature of modern life, I studied the emergence of post Internet art.

Noticing the shift in artistic thinking towards new technological developments and the continued desire for contemporary painting in the art market I decided to create my own movement.

Pixelrealism: a genre of Post Internet art that encompasses painting, drawing and other graphic media, in which an artist studies a (pixelated) image from the Internet and then attempts to reproduce the image as realistically as possible in another medium.

I strongly believe that a true representation of our modern times requires a strong foundation in realistic technique and compositions that are inspired by digitalized imagery found on the internet.

Pixelrealism is an ideology that actively looks at the visual aesthetics that dominates our digital age and translates them into new compositions that innovates representational art.

The principles of modern aesthetics include: pixel compositions, data collages, and cropped paintings.

My vision and hope is for millions of artists and buyers to become more empowered to tackle the contemporary issues and to understand that post Internet art is not exclusive to the confines of digital screens.

The Collection

Pixelrealism artworks consists of signed offset limited edition prints, original drawings and paintings.

Kim Jong-un painting by James Jarvis

Just For Laughs

Oil on canvas

Fidel Castro painting by James Jarvis

Countdown To Phallus Decay

Oil on canvas

Fyre Festival poster by James Jarvis

Sirens That Clickbait

Pencil on paper

Donald Trump painting by James Jarvis

Vagina Versus Trump

Oil on canvas​

Meryl Streep poster by James Jarvis

Guardian Of The Press

Pencil on paper

United Airlines poster by James Jarvis

Publicity Catcher

Pencil on paper