For 11 satisfied mins Twitter users celebrated a happy Trump-free experience, heaping appreciation on the rogue staffer that closed down the United States president.

Like the Xmas truce in the World War I trenches, for 11 peaceful mins it felt like tranquility and peace had burst out in the world with the abrupt suspension of the Donald Trump Twitter account.

It quickly arised that the blackout was not due to the fact that Twitter had acted against the President for his frequent threats on nuclear war, neither that Donald Trump had inadvertently erased his own account.

Rather, it appears a discontented Twitter employee had pulled the caper on their last day at the office.

Twitter was swamped with individuals praising the employee accountable.

There were jokes regarding exactly how the temptation had undoubtedly proved to excessive for the staff member.

In addition some thought of the scene as the saboteur sassily went out of the workplace after pushing the big red "Delete Trump" button.

Others questioned if perhaps, even just the slightest chance, someone else may have contributed to it.

If it wasn’t Clinton, could it have been another prominent Democrat, just a couple of days after his wife had warned not to tweet your every thought?

For some, it was an inspiring 11 minutes.

People hypothesized it might make Twitter a more appealing location to work?

But you may be thinking about the prospects for someone pulling of a feat like this on their last day would certainly be decreased, yet there were a lot of social media individuals that took a different perspective.

For some, it was verification of exactly what they've been assuming the whole time: that the only method to explain the madness of the previous 2 years is some sort of intra-dimension squabble in between time-travellers.

Individuals stated they would gladly enjoy a dramatisation of the story behind "The Vanishing".

Others asserted they would always remember where they were during the time that Donald Trump Twitter account was silenced.

However there's always somebody that concentrates on the possible disadvantage to the vitality of the Internet.

The removal of Trump's Twitter account also provided people the opportunity to relive one of the net's all-time loved last day pranks.

In the middle of alt-right rumours that the far-left lobbyists of Antifa are preparing to start a brand-new Civil War on 4 November, at least one person seized the opportunity to suggest the suspension was the signal to begin the uprising.

Even if it had been activated at the incorrect moment.

And you feel that when the mysterious ex-employee is found, there could be a really happy ending of the story for them.

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