Kim Jong Un's assignation of his outcasted brother brings by the hands of two female assassins continues the absurd rise of Jong Un's very public international rise.

Announcing the next painting of my Preserved Present philosophy, this Kim Jong Un artwork will be completed in June.

More information will be released as I get closer to the completion of this original painting.​

However, as a brief teaser read bellow to discover the main themes that I'ld be exploring.​

  • Kim Jong Un looks like a kid acting out against the verbal attacks against him and his "precious" country.
  • After a year of escalated tension between Korea and their neighbouring states, it has all come to a head with the advent of Donald Trump's election win.
  • These two egotistical leaders are now driving us towards World War Three - thanks to their continued posturing as "credible" leaders.
  • This painting is all about Kim's obsession with his destructive toys and the recruitment of girls for his deadly work.

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