Donald Trump's shock election victory will prove a milestone into the spiralling decline of American politics standards.

Announcing the next painting of my Preserved Present philosophy, this Donald Trump themed artwork will be completed in January; just in time for his inauguration.

More information will be released as I get closer to the completion of this original painting.

However, as a brief teaser read bellow to discover the main themes that I'ld be exploring.

  • Donald Trump has a history of sexism that has been largely tollelated by his supporters.
  • Hilary Clinton, the most experienced politician to run for presidency faced misogynist attacks.
  • Melania Trump has proven to be the unwilling trophy wife in the election race.
  • Only Michael Moore correctly predicted Trump's route to victory via the "rust-belt".
  • The infamous "Grab Them By The Pussy" scandal that still failed to derail his presidential bid.
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