So what is tiny, incremental collecting?

In today's world there's way too much art collecting and market information. But that's not the frustrating part. The real problem is that the information is mostly so big, so chunky and so very disorganised that once you read it, you're like a deer in headlights. It becomes unable to move.

Incremental collecting allows you to follow steps.

First step one, then step two. Then step one + step two—and so forward. My clients now expect my artworks to be rich in detail, and to follow clear steps. And so you have it—incremental collecting is what makes the Pixelrealism movement different.

You could buy contemporary art anywhere (and you know that)

But you'll find that Pixelrealism artworks really help you make those incremental steps. Try it—you're sure to get addicted (in a good way). If you haven't already gotten yourself a copy of Preserved Present, it's the best place to start.

Glad to see you here and see you in our membership site at Pixelrealism someday as well.



Preserved Present Book by James Jarvis

Have you seen art that fails to deal with the moment we live in?

Have you seen art that claims to be contemporary, and then on further inspection is anything but? 

Preserved Present helps you deconstruct the elements of the most significant art movement our times. A movement that represents the present-day evolution towards the "Internet-of-things". 

It redefines what is expected in a developing art world that is only just starting to embrace the benefits that the internet is bringing to the market. It

Preserved Present: Redefining Post Internet art in the era of fake news


Meryl Streep poster by James Jarvis

Why we must keep fighting for a free press.

With the advent of ‘fake news’ and radical concern about the ever-encroaching tentacles of the so-called MSM, the press hasn’t had an easy ride lately.

Guardian of the Press is for print collectors who support Meryl Streep’s brave and necessary challenge against a Donald Trump regime that has targetted the freedom of journalism.​

Representing the freedom of the press, this print was created in the aftermath of her infamous speech at the Golden Globe Awards as she represented Hollywood's liberal society.​

Guardian Of The Press Signed Offset Poster



In your art collection, how can you get inside the inner circle?

Imagine a place where like-minded collectors just like you that you get to meet each day. Imagine where topics from collecting strategy, the art market, exhibition strategies, taxes and inheritance, preservation, global art fairs, are explained in great detail.

It's not just another forum. You also get:

  • Behind-the-scenes studio access, information and events.
  • First preference to limited edition prints and original art.
  • Exclusive access to hidden collections and vanishing artworks.



Websites can be very confusing

If you have any questions, please email me directly or use the art collecting quiz to get an accurate reading of what type of art best suits your personality type.

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