I've seen the videos, the ones where you start your day opening what seems to be promising gifts but are instead duds.

Random plants, accessories, things that businesses hope that you promote even though it has nothing to do with you personally.

I get it, you love it when there is a new camera equipment to showcase, or the next big thing in drones to test fly.

But what about a gift that you can have in your home, that isn't just for you, but for your family also?

something that speaks to your creative side?

What makes your Vlog stand out is your background in filmmaking.

From the get go the production values are top.

The narrative are top.

The creative energy... off the charts.

This is something that I wanted to address in this unique painting offering I want to make for you.

But before we move forward I want to talk about the inherent issue of portrait painting...

It's A problem of Vanity

Portraits are an expression of vanity.

There is no two ways about it.

It's when you hire a portrait artist or a professional photographer to have your big face over a wall that tells others that you are too far over the edge of self love. 

It smacks of pretentiousness and expresses a monarchy patriarch structure that is out of date from today's standards.

The same problem applies when you have a professionally taken photograph of yourself and your loved one.

Yes, it is a lot better than a portrait of just yourself...

But again it's too structured too staged.

Couple portraits taken by professionals struggle to express the dynamics of your relationship... the up and downs, and let alone your history!

Look through all the photographs in your home

James Jarvis creates his unique portraits by interviewing clients about their most precious moments and discovering what are their defining moments.

Your photo album, your Facebook profile.

Don't you agree that the best photos either capture a spontaneous moment or significant achievement in your life or career? 

The milestones of your relationship. Your first home that you can call yours. The adventures of travel.

The never forget moments that stick right there, in the back of your head.

Subconscious preservation

Have you ever heard the phrase "You have to know the past to understand the present"?

Well, in today's era of 'fake news' the importance of preserving the past is ever important. And it starts from preserving our present.

We all do it some level and you may not even know that you are doing it.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, aren't they all if not our subconscious attempt of recording our present? Every selfie, every poignant thought, every shared article.

A look through your social feed of your friends presents to you an archive of the past all captured in (mainly) photographic imagery. 

This is the modern day update of portraiture that we have come to know it.

So why have a painting?

Good question.

If all the photographs are on my social media account why do you need to have an expensive painting when you can just look on the screen of your newly minted mobile phone?

The problem comes with technology. 

With every new hardware update your current iPhone becomes outdated.

Fast forward 10-15 years and the technology would have changed so much that you would struggle to turn that first iPhone on without the correct plugs, or jacks.

The same things happens with data and how it is stored.

Right now everything is in the 'Cloud', before that it was location specific servers, before emails that could carry large data it was usb sticks, before that floppy disks (remember those?), then cds, before then old fashioned paper. 

With each significant technological advance you run the risk of loosing all that data

All those memories.

Right now everything is on the cloud, but who knows what will happen in the future?

And you think your social media accounts is secure?

What happens when the next big computer virus comes along? Or when social media platforms decides to charge customers for membership? 

It might not happen, but you'll never know what the future holds, especially when you have no input as to how these tech giants run their businesses.

To really embrace and capture your signifiant past you must get your memories off the cloud and have them properly recorded.

But knowing this...

... I bet you haven't printed a hardcopy photograph in ages?

Am I right? 

In today's instant, real-time, world the photos of our preserved present are on our mobile phones. Easy assessable. 

Since we shifted to the digital there has been no urgent need for us to print those beautiful images we take.

A time not so long ago when we used camera films, if we wanted to see the results we HAD to print them. 

Now we are in state of flux where we say to ourselves "I'll just take care off it later". 

With immediate satisfaction of the Internet we are loosing the immediacy of our real-world lives.

That's what I have discovered when writing my new book Preserved Present;

In order for traditional painting to integrate with our real-time digital world artists need to recognised more as an archiver than a creative.

Paintings That Preserve Our Present

Kim Jong-un painting by James Jarvis.
Donald Trump painting by James Jarvis.
Fidel Castro painting by James Jarvis.
Brexit painting by James Jarvis.

The paintings in James Jarvis's collection are constantly updated with timely pieces of art.

The philosophy behind my Pixelrealism art is to get as close to real time as possible... no matter how impossible that may sound as painter that usually takes a month to complete a single piece of art.

I try to capture and record our present as accurately, and creatively as I can, and this is becoming as important as ever with the advent of Fake-News and Donald Trump's attempts to change our very history by limiting the freedom of the press. 

But how do I do this? How am I sure what to document and what to leave behind? 

Each painting goes through a system that I call "CaptiveCompositions".

A composition is the placement of visual elements, I take this one step further and capture the essence, the narrative, of a person. 

My two paintings signifies the preservation of key moments of our recent history.

From Kim Jong-un's growing threats towards the United States.

Donald Trump's rise to power through his serialised sexism.

The death of Fidel Castro and the masculinity he represented.

And strength of women in post-Brexit Britain.

Art collectors who want to take it to the next level look to get bespoke pieces that represents (accurately) who they are.

This is what I am offering you. 

A chance to get off the state of influx, liberate your memories, and have it recorded on canvas in a unique and creative way that causes the audience to be hypnotized. 

A chance to preserve your present in the only way that you deserve and start a reference point for future generations of your family.

There is no mystery here

'Just For Laughs' by James Jarvis

'Just For Laughs' (oil on canvas) was created in real-time. Just as threats of Kim Jong-un's expanding nuclear arsnel started to distress Donald Trump

With other commission artists you never know what you are going to get.

Especially with those that lack the dedication to follow their creative convictions. 

Rather than creating a completely different art style for art commissions, he weird and unnatural portrait pose I talked about earlier.

I want to treat your commission with the same respect and attention to detail as my own personal collections. An extension if you will. 

Consider a bespoke commission painting to be an update of 'Just For Laughs' but with your backstory.

A story that integrates your relationship with Candice, your family, within a composition that you can proudly show to your friends without feeling embarrassed.  

Without running the risk of feeling vain.

Once you agree I would ask to have access to your Facebook account, as a friend (which is what I will be after the end of this project), so that I can look through your photographs and help select images that fit a narrative that we decide on.

Yes, you pick the narrative.

It can be based on your relationship, your passion for camera's and drones, your adventures, your filmography.

But we can't put it all on a painting otherwise it will be a mess.

The narrative needs to be exact and pinpoint in order to get to your truth and at the same time guarantee that your painting commission will be as beautiful as it can be.

This is what I call the idealisation stage and its here we build the groundwork of your bespoke painting and I will be there to help guide you.


I love how the art connects current daily subjects into a single visualization.

With each artwork having a clear statement and opinion.

But most importantly, James’ collection makes heavy subjects understandable and somehow easier to digest, within this fake news era.

Just looking at his artworks makes you want to own your own piece.

Nikkie van Schijndel General Manager at Netraco, Shanghai, China

I'd highly recommend it to others, particularly those who are interested in art that is truly modern, and reflects deep thought on a subject.

I love the way different motifs are combined to create a single yet multi-layered piece of art

James' painting style is unique and always captures my attention. He captures the realism of the subject, but in a way where you can appreciate it as a painting. I really enjoy his use of color - it really makes the pieces pop off the canvas. He's always willing to try new projects and innovate, which is very hard to do.

I'd highly recommend it to others, particularly those who are interested in art that is truly modern, and reflects deep thought on a subject.

Keep at it mate!

Vasco Pereira Strategic Finance Manager, AppDirect, San Francisco, United States

I love how James always has an interesting way of presenting what's in his mind.

The explosive graphic is as ironic and significant as the objects that he put together. It lightens up the issue and make the viewer think.

James' art is about real people with a real goal to fight, for which I believe it's the meaning of life. To change and to improve the world is what we’re here for.

To own art is to share the same believe as the artist. For sure I would recommend friends who are also a revolutionist to own a piece of art of James.

Stay calm and keep rebelling.

Robyn Hung Director and Founder of Robyn, Shanghai, China

what's after the idealisation stage?

Once the composition is approved its time for us to start.

And with every Pixelrealism commission there are three phases.

The foundation stage is most important stage of the process.

Phase 1: Umber Monotone

Each Pixelrealism painting starts with a strong foundation.

And that foundation is a painted layer of monotone colours.

This phase helps define how the final painting will look.

Colours are now added to the mix.

Phase 2: Colour Filter

Once the foundation is set its time to add colour. 

This stage is arguably the most fun since the painting as fast transformation will now take place.

Fidel Castro painting by James Jarvis.

The final painting after three distinct phases that brings it all together.

Phase 2: Hi-Res

This is where the magic truly happens and separates the talented from the masters.

When the painting is coming to its finalisation a touch of finesse is needed to bring it to life. 

These final touches involves highlights on the skin, making the dark colours deep, reflection on metals. 

And then the painting is finished.

Ok, i dig it: what's required?

Here comes the nitty-gritty.

There's no two ways about it, I'm after an endorsement from the great and mighty Casey Neisat 😛

I'm looking for a mention in one of your videos, with a link to my website, and a written testimonial that I can use for my marketing.

Ofcourse this totally depends on if I nail the painting!

And is it free?

The answer is a YES and a no.

I'm not going to embarrass myself and do a long desperate monologue about struggling artists...

You are a creative soul yourself, and know what goes into perfecting a craft.

So what I'm going to say is yes, its free if you choose the regular option.

The premium you are going to have to pay for.

This comes down to a matter of time.

I know that creating a unique piece at 40 x 50cm won't take too much of my time for me to make.

But the premium option, which is 60 x 80cm, is a larger surface for me to cover and can actually take me up to two months to complete.

Hence the pricing.



40 x 50cm 

  • check
    Composition Idealisation (worth £200) 
  • Umber Monotone Phase (worth £900)
  • Colour Filter Phase (worth £2200)
  • check
    Hi-Res Phase (worth £4000)




60 x 80cm

  • check
    Composition Idealisation (worth £200)
  • Umber Monotone Phase (worth £1100)
  • Colour Filter Phase (worth £2500)
  • check
    Hi-Res Phase (worth £4600)
  • Additional Drawing Commission (worth £2000)
  • Lifetime Pixelrealism Membership (worth £289 per year)
  • Limited Edition Print Collection (worth £320)


*Payment will be done instalments

Can I sell prints to my AUDIENCE?

If you think that your audience will love this artwork as much as you do then I say go for it!

I don't want to get too far ahead.

But I am thinking of having limited edition prints made that is signed by both yourself and me and we split the profits 50/50.

And if we decide to go down this route I will deduct my side of the profits the cost of the premium option.

And that's it!

Phew, you read this far and proven you've got a better attention span than a goldfish.

Which is apparently beating the human average.

If you have any questions, or would like to do FaceTime to learn more, just shoot me a message!

James Jarvis signature