As I mentioned a few days ago, I am aiming to do a painting based on the escalating tensions attributed to the dictator Kim Jong Un: with a unique spin on his somewhat boyish playacting behaviour with his arch enemy Donald Trump.

The process of each of my Pixelrealism paintings, as I aim for the "Preserve Present" is to appropriate images found via Google Search which are then composed into unique collages.

Here's a preview of how the new Kim Jong Un painting is going to look:

Kim Jong Un painting Blueprint

The blueprint for the Kim Jong Un painting, composed from appropriated material found online using the simple image editing tool called

Each subject is (roughly) cut out from from its background and then made into a png image file so that I can then play around with structure.

Here Kim Jong Un is surrounded by his toys and trophies of guns and girls: everything a youthful dictator needs as he threatens to start World War 3 all because of misplaced posturing with Donald Trump. 

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