I'm excited to announce the release for my new book titled Preserved Present: Redefining Post Internet Art In The Era Of Fake News.

Available in both paperback and ebook versions.


Have you seen art that claims to be contemporary, and then on further inspection is anything but? The universal failure of the art world to embrace the real-time aspects of the internet.

Everyone thought that digital and internet based art would be the answer to this problem but these movements failed to captivate a market that still desires traditional painting - with newer mediums failing to prove their uniqueness.

To better to reflect our modern times it is clear that an innovative bridge has to be created between internet based aesthetics and the traditional media that art collectors crave.


Preserved Present Book by James Jarvis

Preserved Present helps you deconstruct elements of the most significant art movement our times. A movement that represents the present-day evolution towards the "Internet-of-things".

It redefines what is expected in a developing art world that is only just starting to embrace the benefits that the internet is bringing to the market.


How To Correctly Predict The Market Direction Of Post Internet Art.

  • Whether hoax or concept-based practice gone awry, it is collectors that invests in failed art movements who suffer the most.
  • The understanding of sequence. Why sequence is critical to how art movements develop.
  • Why Post Internet art is now in the "Trough of Disillusionment" stage.
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    How art collectors can take advantage of these insights and to enter this space.

The Art Trend Significance Method: Without This You Water Down Your Collection's Message.

  • Why you can't label an art movement as "significant" until you are fully educated.
  • How integrating an analytical methodology into your plan will drive the growth of your collection fast.
  • Why the new influencers of the art industry are bloggers whom understand the influence of the internet.
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    Get new insights from artists such as Marisa Olsen and James Bridle, art critic Robin Peckham, and the discussion panel from Sydney Contemporary.

Pixelrealism: Why It Always Gets Your Attention (And Most Art Doesn't).

  • Why fake news has made it more important to archive the present.
  • How Pixelrealism redefined an art movement with a methodology that is based on the "Internet-of-things".
  • Why appropriation has become the new standard of art making.
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    The cycle of digital to analogue: Why digital art media will fail to last.

Why Building A Collection Online Is Becoming A Fundamental Strategy.

  • Discover great artists and pieces which would never have become available through a traditional gallery.
  • The importance of transparency in the online art market.
  • How to collect "brands" not art.
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    Why art flipping has become economically attractive.

And of course, as you can imagine, there's a lot more and it's all packed into the pages of Preserved Present in a systematic, structure manner that's easy to implement.

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