Donald Trump has officially become the 45th President of the United States and his facist regime is set to destroy the American Dream.

My painting 'Vagina Versus Trump' helps to provide an outlet for art collectors who feel their rights are under attack.

Discover why Donald Trump is the focal point of this modern update of post Internet art.


  • Donald Trump looks to reverse all the good work the Obama administration has done over the last 8 years.
  • But there is hope after high level rallies of #Women'sMarch, and airport protests targeting the immigration ban.
  • How I managed to successfully predict Trump's successful sound-bite campaign but there was nothing America could do about it.
  • Why Hollywood and #Women'sMarch lack authenticity post-election. The public has shown they don't need saving.
  • Vagina Versus Trump takes action against the dangerous "alt-news" trend while supporting Kal Penn's successful crowdfunding campaign for Syrian refugees.


Donald Trump pointing Donald Trump painting

When I visited New York in Christmas 2015 there was only one thing on the t.v. screens: Donald Trump tweeting.

Tweeting about Mexican immigrants as "criminals and rapists". 

Attacking veterans.

Mocking the establishment.

Ridiculed throughout the political network and attacked by liberal media outlets, very few predicted that Donald Trump would actually become President of the United States. Let alone win the Republican nominee.

However, I saw the actions of man who was deviously creating a polarising audience. A polarised nation of "us" against "them". 

In fact, his actions highlight the businessman that Trump as he embodies what Perry Marshall calls the "Phenomenon of Hyper-Responsive, Rabid Markets".

​Marshal, a leading marketer himself, discovered that there is a very instructive phenomenon that occurs in many markets and walks of life.

The easiest place to observe it is in the book reviews of Amazon.

​Let's pick a controversial book. Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal is a great example for this post.

People either love him or hate him. Rarely is anyone neutral about Donald Trump.​ 

Almost all books on highly controversial topics, or books written about controversial people, have average ratings of 3 stars, but hardly any actual 3-star ratings​. 

All of the reviews are either 1 star or 5 stars.​

Donald's book Art of the Deal is a perfect case study.​

Highly polarising books have lots of 5-star ratings and lots of 1-star ratings, and hardly any 3-stars.

See the lots of 5 stars/1 star profile on the number of reviews?

That is when the market is driven by 2 groups:

Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

Those FOR, and those AGAINST. 

Almost all the controversy is fuelled by a small minority of hyper-extremes.

Trump is really dealing with two 20 percents​, two groups of hyper-responsive buyers: People who love him, people who hate him. 

Two top 5 percents, two top 1 percents.​

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You clearly see this in any controversial topic: Liberals vs. conservatives, Democrats vs. Republicans, profile vs. pro-choice, creation vs. evolution, union vs. anti-union.​

Donald Trump new that in all these scenarios, two small, highly polarised groups of people control the majority of a conversation.

The entire political landscape is dominated by those two sides.

This is hugely important in elections because the apathetic middle doesn't matter. They don't care enough to make their voice heard.

In an election they don't vote.​ 

In an election, the extreme 5% on each side is not going to change. Hard-core conservatives are gong to vote conservative; hard-core liberals are going to vote liberal.

Very little will change that.

The middle is not going to show up at the polls to cast a vote, either.

So the election is really swung one way or the other by the moderately interested left and the moderately interested right.

During the campaign for the Presidency Donald Trump picked his side wisely: attracted the large middle America vote that felt neglected and disenfranchised.

His extreme stances tactfully created controversy as he further panders to the crowd that loves him dearly while at the same time creating noise from his enemies that help further his cause.

Another thing that everyone should remember is that Trump is not a politician, at least in the traditional sense.

He had no 20-year political career to fall back on and talk about his "experience" and suitability in the same way that Hilary Clinton used as her main campaign point.

Trump is a corporate businessman.

And this makes him very dangerous.

No doubt he is egotistical to believe that he can Make America Great Again

And his actions point at a man who is running the country like his own personal business, picking and choosing his audience as he pleases.

So far:

  • Trump has pulled away from providing access to abortion procedures in third world countries.
  • Enacted a controversial immigration policy that has attacked muslim countries.
  • Withdrew the affordable care act.

Oh the while promoting his unsubtle assault on women.

Everyone knows that Donald Trump is sexist...

And yet American voters seemingly chose to not to give a damn.

From his tweets calling women dogs, the trophy wife in his ivory tower, and the so called “locker room” talk that promised to derail his campaign with boasts of grabbing a woman’s pussy.

Yet despite his long list of misogyny, American voters failed to recognise Clinton

The most qualified candidate ever to run for president lost the seemingly unloseable election to a business mogul who’s credits include The Apprentice.

Commentators attribute Hilary Clinton’s destruction to her failure to mobilise women.

A fact that would distress feminists is that the women demographic, particularly white women, simply were not enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton despite her historic bid to be the first female American president.

The psychological barrier that allowed trump to repeatedly target women

One voter in particular, Maya Chenevert told The Post’ Karen Tumulty that she would love to see a female president, but she doesn’t think Clinton — with all her "political baggage" — is the right woman for the job.

Network exit polls showed that 59% of white women had an unfavourable view of Clinton.

Even higher, 65%, think she’s dishonest.

A psychological barrier exists in the United States that shows the country is not ready for a female president.

It’s the same psychological barrier that allowed Trump swing women voters his direction: despite his insistent sexist behaviour.

#WomensMarch gives hope to a nation trying to fight the new regime

women's march versus donald trump

Women's March was the first mainstream protest against Donald Trump.

The results of the 2016 shook women into the new reality of a Donald Trump regime that showcased the fragility of feminist accomplishments with renewed threats threats to female bodily rights that we thought was had won decades earlier.

The Women’s March which took place across the United States to protest Trump’s inauguration was the largest – and most peaceful – day of protest in US history.

Somewhere between 3.3 million and 4.6 million marchers made their presence known across the United States, yet no arrests were reported at the largest protests across the nation in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York, Chicago or Seattle.

The continued presence of outspoken women such as Tina Fey and Meryl Streep continues women’s crusade against Donald Trump that has a modern day echo of the suffragettes.

Presenting 'Vagina Versus Trump': Original Painting

Poor decision-making by the inexperienced President has led to numerous reversals of liberal initiatives that threatens to reshape and destroy the American Dream.

This original painting captures the critical truth at a time when “alt-news” and sound bites has brainwashed a nation.

Released during the historic #Women’sMarch, this painting shines a light on the reality of Trump’s controversial relationship to women.

Donald Trump painting by James Jarvis

'Vagina Versus Trump' (2017), Donald Trump painting.

Vagina Versus Trump is for women art collectors who feel their rights are under attack by the Donald Trump regime.

This is the first of a series of new paintings that is part of my mission of the Preserved Present - the core concept behind my Pixelrealism art.

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