In the fake news era James Jarvis creates art that preserves the present of our modern day realities.

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Imagine you are standing atop the Grand Canyon

What do you do? Many will stand in awe and silence; others will embrace their loved one as they share the moment. 

But what everyone will certainly do is take a photograph.

And in the 21st Century that now means taking a photo, putting it on Instagram and providing a hip appropriate hashtag all in less than 3 minutes.

In fact every major event of recent times, whether it be security personal assaulting plane passengers or the momentous #Women’sMarch, is now simultaneously recorded and uploaded to the internet via social media.

And what is social media but a tool to preserve?

All of your publically shared photos, locations, reactions and thoughts are all preserved on the internet. Moments that are recorded in the present, in real-time, act as an archive of your public life.

The Pixelrealism movement understands this new reality by reproducing society’s constant need to preserve the present of our modern day realities.

'Just For Laughs' about James Jarvis

'Just For Laughs' (oil on canvas) was created in real-time. Just as threats of Kim Jong-un's expanding nuclear arsnel started to distress Donald Trump

The desire to save and remember the present has been around for most of recorded human history.

In the past 100 years we have gotten far more visual with this desire, thanks to photography and video, but none of these have come close to offering a really immersive historical experience.

For a deeper immersion, you could always visit ancient ruins or participate in a historical reenactment – but these still only offer a limited view.

When it comes to recording our own lives, we can come a bit closer to reliving history because we evoke our own memories of actually being there through selfies and videos captured mostly on our phones.

But what about the places around us...

And the history that they hold which is usually hidden from view?

If you consider the ambition of Toronto based virtual reality innovator The Third Fate - we would find more opportunities to immerse ourselves in the past if we got better at capturing and saving the present.

The award winning design studio has used its 360 degree capture technology recently to preserve once-in-a-lifetime experiences like artist Bjarke Ingel’s ‘BIG Maze’ as well as everyday cityscapes like Manhattan’s Columbus Circle.

If you think about it, this desire to use technology to record the present so we might experience and enjoy it far into the future isn’t that different than the reason any of us record our lives through selfies and videos.

There is beautiful power in the preserved present

And this DNA of Pixelrealism is about much more than just recording an experience.

These artworks may be able to help us make sure we don’t leave the past behind as well.

Drones, virtual and augmented reality, 3D imagery, and cutting edge design are all being applied to preserve the past in various ways.

The beautiful side effect is that these initiatives are also making the past easier to experience and access on demand, often alongside the preset.

This is what Pixelrealism is pushing towards – a world where we can access, experience and learn from our shared present more easily and with a new level of immersion, insight and connection.


James Jarvis is the influential Post Internet artist of Pixelrealism, a term he coined in 2016 for a specific mode of art making in the 21st Century: 

A genre of art making that encompasses painting, drawing and other graphic media, in which an artist studies a (pixelated) image from the internet and then attempts to reproduce the image as realistically as possible in another medium.

James is used by art lovers, patrons, collectors, and educators to discover, learn about, and collect art.


Post Internet art describes an existing movement in art as well as critiquing the effect of the Web on art and society.

Taking signs from the understanding of Postmodernism as a response to or being rejected of Innovation, Post Internet does not suggest a time "after" the Web however instead a time "around" the Web.

While Net Art of the late 1990s utilized the Web largely as a tool, Post Internet techniques make use of both on the internet and also offline layouts to involve with electronic society, business society, and also the impacts of common networking.

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Kim Jong-un painting by James Jarvis.

Just For Laughs.

Fidel Castro painting by James Jarvis.

Countdown To Phallus Decay.

Donald Trump painting by James Jarvis.

Vagina Versus Trump.

Brexit painting by James Jarvis.

Farage’s Angels.

Preserved Present Book by James Jarvis


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The Pixelrealism Sequence

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Vagina Versus Trump
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