James Jarvis’s mission is to preserve the present through paintings that capture the everyday act of social networking.


​We are a society driven to preserve the present. 

Since the first humans used cave walls to preserve their time, we too continue this societal need via social networks. Every shared article, every liked photograph, every selfie on the world wide web is an archive of our immediate present.

As our present becomes the immediate past 

The constant need for fresh entertainment to archive, has created new problems. The emergence of Fake-News that has helped the extreme right of Trump and Brexit take over the national conscious with unsubstantiated "facts".


James Jarvis is the influential post Internet artist of Pixelrealism, a term he coined in 2016 for a specific mode of art making in the 21st Century: 

A genre of art making that encompasses painting, drawing and other graphic media, in which an artist studies a (pixelated) image from the Internet and then attempts to reproduce the image as realistically as possible in another medium.

James Is used by art lovers, patrons, collectors, and educators to discover, learn about, and collect art.


Post-Internet art describes an existing movement in art as well as critiquing the effect of the Web on art and society.

Taking signs from the understanding of Postmodernism as a response to or being rejected of Innovation, post-Internet does not suggest a time "after" the Web however instead a time "around" the Web.

While Net Art of the late 1990s utilized the Web largely as a tool, post-Internet techniques make use of both on the internet and also offline layouts to involve with electronic society, business society, and also the impacts of common networking.

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Donald Trump painting by James Jarvis

Vagina Versus Trump

Oil on canvas​

Fidel Castro painting by James Jarvis

Countdown To Phallus Decay

Oil on canvas

Art Collecting Resource

by James Jarvis


We cover art world happenings and resources for growing art collections

James's website is a place to explore current and past art practices, movements, cultural events, and to preview his international art collections  before their doors open to the public. James regularly writes books on the art market and educates his audience with his hand picked selection of authors and artists to follow.


There are currently a wide range of mediums available for sale that are produced by James Jarvis for a global audience around the world. These original works range in price from  £2000 to over £6,000 with new ones added every month. James's focus is to make sure that each artwork is unique and holds truly modern themes.


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Vagina Versus Trump

James Jarvis art commissions


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